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At Cermacoat we offer a variety of services to cover all your refinishing needs. Large or small we've got you covered. Don't replace it .. Cermacoat it !
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Porcelain Bathtub:
Porcelain Bathtubs are the standard Bathtub found in most homes. Refinished in Cermacoat "Kohler White" looks and feels like brand new porcelain.
Cast Iron Bathtub:
Cast iron is the base of a porcelain bathtub. Over years porcelain can stain, discolor and even wear thin. A new layer of Cermacoat over the porcelain make it virtually brand new again
Fiberglass bathtub and shower combo:
These are the one piece showers or shower tub combonation units. With age, these tend to yellow and crack. Cermacoat adds a new protective layer that is so easy to clean you'll never scrub again. Refinished in Cermacoat "Kohler White" or Cermacoat "Bone"
Fiberglass showers look better then new.
Basins & Sinks:
Basins in bathrooms , laundry rooms or kitchens can be refinished into Cermacoat white or refinished back into the original "classic" color. Repairs to cracks , chips or rust problems are fixed in the preparation , making refinishing your existing basins right in place more cost effective than replacement.
Tile :
Tile refinishing restores the look of tile while adding a new seal to the grout lines. preparation includes repairing all cracks or chips in the tile as well as re-grouting to enhance the overall refinished look. The refinished tile will have a more uniform color look as well as sealed grout lines , that will not hold dirt or soap residue . Cermacoat works great on Tile shower stalls , Tile surrounding a bathtub , Tile walls around a room and Tile counter-tops.
Jacuzzi / Spa tubs :
Jacuzzi's and Jetted bathtubs of all sizes and shapes can be refinished to look new again, typically Acrylic , Fiberglass , or Porcelain , Cermacoat specializes in the repairing and refinishing of these more detailed and high-end bathtubs from all different manufactures.
Detail Repairs:
Repairs on existing bathtubs and showers in the form of small chips or cracks or just a blemish or scuff mark are performed as "spot repairs" either on site or in our facility . We have repaired thousands of fixtures for Home Builders and Retail fixture stores across Southern California since we began in 1974.
*Please note : All "Spot Repairs" are preformed for cosmetic purposes only. Therefore chips , cracks and other "spot repairs" (without total Refinishing) are covered under Cermacoat Warranty for 1 year only (ONE YEAR Warranty)
Shower supports:
When there is no support underneath a showers floor , flexing and cracking are a problem. Most common in fiberglass , a pan of a shower can have a new foundation injected into it with our Cerma-foam . Our industrial grade pour foam when injected into the underside of a showers floor will give it new strength and firmness to prevent any future cracking.
Safety Finishes:
We offer an anti-slip application to all of our refinished surfaces. We can apply a permanent effect to the bottom area of a Bathtub or Shower that will give the user peace of mind against slipping. Our safety finish is easy to clean and far more practical than a bathmat.